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New software significantly increases versatility of ADF technology

New software

The recent introduction of advanced new features such as Autotuning and Configurable multi-master node-masking now provides far greater benefits with Active Dynamic Filters than ever before.

After listening to the wishes of customers around the world, the Comsys development team began work on a comprehensive makeover of its SCC2 software. The result is the most innovative and user-friendly release to date, bringing not only improvements, but introducing enhancements that add entirely new capabilities to the technology.

Among the many significant improvements users now see Total Demand Distortion (TDD) in addition to THDI for more accurate power quality monitoring. They also get Autotuning capabilities, which provides compliance with the IEEE 519 standard, and a CT Swap/Invert polarity function for easy correction of improper CT connections. Support for new HMI4 hardware with integrated web browser supports future expansion with additional apps, and the software now features Sensorless Multi-master support. Other features include three Impedance control modes for addressing various power quality issues, as well as Mixed compensation settings for simultaneous suppression of current harmonics and combatting resonance. 

Software 2.2 is a landmark release, that further takes the ADF towards the goal of being the ultimate power quality toolbox. Using software 2.2, you will be able to solve more power quality problems using the proven ADF P25/P100/P300 hardware, in more applications. Specifically with Impedance Control and the ability to mix harmonic control types in the same system, together with parallel system support for all control types, the flexibility of the ADF solution is now unprecedented in the power quality marketplace. SCC2 Software 2.2 is also a vessel bringing support for future hardware platforms, HMI4 being the first. In addition to this, the software is easier to use and more flexible.

Jonas Persson


Rollout of the new software began earlier this month with an in-depth webinar demonstrating many of its new features. View the webinar here: