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No more damaging harmonics at Frijsenborg biogas plant

frijsenborg biogas plant
Frijsenborg biogas plant

In Denmark, Wefri A/S, which oversees the historic estates of Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg, seeks to create a closed ecosystem that is not a burden on the climate. Therefore, they use locally produced raw materials and recycle all their agriculture and forestry resources. As part of the recycling process, there is a biogas plant at Frijsenborg. When Frijsenborg’s power supply company detected high levels of harmonics which was above limit set, Danfoss Drives service partner, Styreg, was hired to measure the harmonic distortion and advise Frijsenborg on the best solution.

ADF P300 installation biogasplant
ADF P300 installation

As a temporary solution, Styreg installed an ADF P100 150A Filter to reduce the harmonic current. Meanwhile, Danfoss calculated the filter size, and the customer installed a container and a new switchboard for the filter connection. Styreg then installed two ADF P300 360A and one ADF P300 120A on the transformer, and CTs were connected for multi-master operation.

“Comsys Active Dynamic Filters (ADF) were commissioned during low production of biogas to reduce the THDi below the 5,6% limit set by the power supply company. Everything went smoothly, which is one of the many reasons why we always recommend Comsys Active Dynamic Filters to our partners. Next week we are finetuning the filters at max production of biogas.”

Kim Tonsberg Kristensen

Styreg ApS