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No more power quality disturbances at wastewater plant in Kandy City, Sri Lanka

Kandy City Sri Lanka

The National water supply and Drainage board (NWSDB) is the National Organization responsible for the provision of safe drinking water and facilitating the provision of sanitation to the people in Sri Lanka. Their new green field wastewater management project at KandyCity, involved many variable frequency drives for the main pumping station andthe overall project called for: 

– Meeting the IEEE 519 standards by mitigating harmonics created by the drives

With Comsys online sizing tool, our partner in Sri Lanka, Pubudu Engineering, who played a major role in the whole project, could simulate the spectrum at the early stage, size the right ADF, which in this specific case resulted in 3 pcs of ADF P100.

Thanks to our integrated web user interface, ADF’s are accessible from any part of the world, this made it possible to do a remote commissioning from Sweden. Once the ADF’s were up and running they dynamically compensated the harmonics and made the plant comply to IEEE 519 standards, just as required. This also resulted in better efficient system, improved productivity, and reduced equipment failures.

ADF p100 installation
ADF P100