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Thank You for Visiting Us at OC Water Summit Costa Mesa.

Comsys water treatment

We are delighted you took the time to visit our table where we were highlighting our Active Harmonic Filter Technology which is used extensively in water/waste water facilities.

Variable speed drives run the pumps, blowers, and other equipment in these facilities, and these units create power quality problems that reduce facility efficiency, as well as impact equipment reliability and life.

Active Harmonic Filtering deals with these power problems in the areas where they are created to limit their impact within your facilities, and on the power grid that you share with others.

We are available to work with your engineering, operations, and maintenance groups, to help raise their understanding of how this technology can be applied in your facilities.

You're Invited to Our Open House!

Those of you who visited our table were informed of an open house event on Dec 6, 2023. Part of this event is a live demonstration that has a 250hp variable speed drive, a dyno, and one of our Active Harmonic Filters. The drive will be loaded by the dyno, and you will be able to see how things looks before, and after, the filter is put online.

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