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ADF + System Integration = an ideal solution

The ADF system integration program is a unique concept to customize and integrate ADF components, or what we can refer to as building blocks, into your projects and products.

The ADF building blocks

With system integration, you can leverage the capabilities built into our standard products by using our building blocks.

Our “building blocks” include the PPM 300 inverter module, the SCC2 control computer, and other internal components that enable you to get a complex, functioning, and integrated system quickly.

For those who want to utilize existing manufacturing resources, system integration is the smart choice for you.

Custom system integration solutions

System integration options include:

  • Compensation power ranges from about 50 A to in excess of 10,000 A 

  • Can be controlled via regular HMI-3 devices (basic or extended) via web user interface (WUI), or remote controlled via field bus 

  • Availability in both voltage ranges (< 480 V and 480 – 690 V) 

  • Available as air-cooled or liquid-cooled 

With system integration, you get a power quality solution perfectly adapted to you. Add reduced maintenance costs due to small set of components, and you get a highly efficient, highly flexible solution.

Four benefits of system integration

  • A more compact solution than standalone products 

  • Leading ADF technology integrated into your existing products 

  • Fast and simple commissioning with the ADF WUI Dashboard 

  • Access to the ADF System Integration Program training with ADF Academy 

Key application areas for system integration

Interested in exploring our system integration solutions? 

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