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ADF wireless access point

Using the ADF Dashboard in SCC2 software 2.1 or later, available for ADF P25/P100/P300, you can now switch to a smart-device friendly interface. This interface features a card-based Web User Interface (WUI) which enables simplified access from smart devices such as smart phones and tables (it still works great from your laptop or desktop). In addition to this, the card based WUI comes with an optimized web server capable of handling multiple transient connection, which ensures responsiveness.

Wireless access for ADF units

By ordering the ADF with an integrated Wireless Access Point (WAP), you can now access the ADF without connecting to the Ethernet cable, which is especially usable when the ADF is placed in inconvenient locations, or when setting up an ADF without an HMI.


The wireless access point simplifies commissioning and supervision of ADF systems, and in addition works as a portable, wireless HMI. The user interface is identical in smart phones, tablets or laptops, however the card-based UI automatically scales for an optimal presentation depending on screen size.

Hardware configuration

The wireless access point will use the ethernet connection on the SCC2. It is also possible to use a single wireless access point for several systems using a switch.