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Eliminate the need for current transformers

ADF is the only solution with Sensorless Control, meaning we entirely remove the need for current transformers. In cases where reduced voltage distortion is the goal, we have the opportunity to directly reduce voltage harmonics instead of compensating the load current and then reduce voltage harmonics as a side effect.

Compensation without current transformers

When you need a retrofit solution or you have a complicated set-up, it can be very difficult to add current transformers. But with Sensorless Control, ADF technology can compensate without them—so you eliminate the need for current transformers altogether.

Sensorless control completely eliminates the need of current transformers, summation transformers and complex configuration of operation modes in the ADF.

Benefits of Sensorless Control

  • More flexibility when it comes to where and how to install the ADF unit(s).

  • In highly complex setups with multiple feeders (transformers and/or generators).

  • Complexity is highly reduced.

  • Reduced overall hassle of installation and compensation.

Sensorless Control can isolate sub-grids and compensate background distortion, which further improves the flexibility and adaptability of the ADF platform. For example, on a diesel-electric vessel with a main 690V grid that is polluted with harmonics, we can select to compensate only the 480V sub-grid which is feeding sensitive and/or expensive equipment such as a ROV.

Check out this video that guides you through sensorless control

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