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Low harmonic drive technology

Low harmonic drive = A standard 6-pulse drive + filter technology

The future of low harmonic drives

If you have a high number of drives (variable-speed motor drives) on site, you are generating electrical disturbances.

The conventional low harmonic solution to disturbances from drives has been to use active front end drives (AFE drives). There is now a modern solution that offers an advantage over this conventional method. With active filter technology, you get a more compact solution that enables fewer losses and less total harmonic distortion.

Our active dynamic filtering technology is part of the most flexible system on the market.

ADF can be combined with 6-pulse drives and placed in parallel, in shunt, with the load. The parallel placement of ADF Power Tuning ensures system redundancy, which is a major advantage in critical applications, such as medical care or the marine industry.

Meet low harmonic drive requirements

Since the requirements for maintaining low harmonics (such as IEEE 519, G5/4, and EN61000-2-2) are getting tougher, low harmonic solutions have become a hot topic within many industries.

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Ideal for system integrators and OEMs

Because ADF components can be combined with a drive to create the ideal low harmonic solution, ADF technology is the best choice for system integrators or OEMs. We can supply you with the components you need to succeed in any application.

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