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You are here: Comsys » About Comsys: Our Story

A small company with a big idea

Comsys is a cleantech company operating in multiple sectors and segments with one sole purpose, Perfecting Power

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Our story

From Sweden
to everywhere

Comsys was founded in 2001 by a small group of Swedish engineers who believed they could make power perfect. Or at least as close to perfect as possible. Today we are a well-established and rapidly growing cleantech company operating in multiple segments and with "Perfecting Power" as our one and only purpose.

Active Dynamic Filter (ADF) technology has been our number one innovation since the start. Twenty years later, after serving more than 5 000 customers in over 50 countries, ADF is now the brand to beat within power quality and active filtering. This is due in large part to technologies like sensorless operation, resonance damping, advanced user interface, marine approvals and more.

From the beginning, our guiding star has been to become best in class as in terms of both technology and customer satisfaction. By combining our unique application know-how with highly appreciated aftermarket service, we believe we have become just that.

As our many success stories attest to, Comsys today is a strong global partner. And with our continuing R&D we aim to be that tomorrow as well. We will continue to offer innovative technology for tackling the difficult challenges ahead, securing a stable power supply and generating savings for both industries and the planet that also future generations may benefit from.

Our vision & mission

Where we are heading

Our vision

We achieve perfect power while maximizing your energy.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the leading global supplier of advanced solutions for energy efficiency and power quality for all types of applications and infrastructures.

Core values

Who we are

Core values

Who we are


We are dedicated to creating energy management solutions that maximize power quality and help save our valuable energy resources.


We develop our energy management solutions with simplicity in mind. Our customers should be able to install and use the equipment we provide with a minimum amount of time and training invested.


We take responsibility towards better energy sources seriously through dedicated staff and owners. All stakeholders are serious about the success of the company, of our customers and partners, and the way we can help steering the worlds energy consumption towards reusable energy sources.


By using modular development systems we can create small, medium or large energy management solutions with short lead times and with high reliability.

Management team

Management team