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CP Automation Ltd's Portfolio of products covers a wide range of universal products relating to Automation and Control of Motors. Specifically around Variable Speed Drives, AC & DC Servo controllers, which in addition can cause issues on site. To combat this we offer Harmonic Solutions and Services to eliminate Power Quality problems. Our Services include, consultation, analysis, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance. We have 6 locations globally, 4 in the UK, HQ Scunthorpe, Bedford, Washington, Stoke and 2 overseas locations: Capendu near Carcassonne in France and Centurion nr Johannesburg, South Africa.

Segments:    Oil & Gas   |   Industry   |   General Industry   |   Marine   |   Water Treatment


Contact Person: John Mitchell


Phone: +44 (0) 7896 221115

Country: South Africa

City: Centurion

Street: Lenchen Avenue

Postcode: 0046