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Engineering Center ART is specialist in industrial automation making projects with energy saving systems based on variable frequency drives, power converters and active harmonics filters. Since 1999 we provide our customers not only turnkey projects, but also service and repair of the equipment. We understand specific Russian standards for offshore equipment and power systems including propulsive systems and established good cooperation with Russian shipyards and OEM companies. We have good experience in tuning up of poor quality power networks in oil and gas fields using active harmonics filters, power converters and grid optimization solutions. We have established good positions in fast developing active harmonics filters in Russia.

Segments:    Oil & Gas   |   Industry   |   General Industry   |   Marine


Contact Person: Ilya Aristarkhov


Phone: +7 812 445 2422

Fax: +7 812 445 2476

Country: Russia

City: Sankt-Peterburg

Street: Tallinskaya Ulitsa

Postcode: 195196