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Zeben was born with the objective of meeting the true needs of its costumers, regardless of the market. We are specialists in Energy efficiency and power quality, pumping station control, smart cities, telemetering and IoT, cyber security and industry 4.0, instrumentation focused on water and environmental sectors, optimizing processes for water extraction, treatment and distribution, and much, much more.

We don’t just sell equipment, we provide solutions from the component itself, to trainings, renting, consulting, maintenance and remote support. . Everything for your satisfaction.

Segments:    Energy efficiency   |   Oil & Gas   |   Industry   |   Data Center   |   Energy   |   General Industry   |   Marine   |   Water Treatment


Contact Person: Zebedeu Rodrigues


Phone: +351 253 818 850

Fax: +351 253 818 851

Country: Portugal

City: Forjães

Street: Avenida Marcelino Queiroz 630

Postcode: 4740-444