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ADF Technology

Active Dynamic Filtering (ADF) is patented technology that makes energy more efficient for our customers in the marine, data center, water treatment, renewable energy, process and other industries.

ADF enables you to:

1. Reduce hassle
2. Optimize space
3. Avoid downtime
4. Lower energy costs
1. Reduce hassle
2. Optimize space
3. Avoid downtime
4. Lower energy costs
On this page you can read about:

Power Quality problems and causes

Power isn’t perfect

The advanced technology and heavy processes of today’s industry put high demands on the electrical grid and make operations vulnerable to a variety of problems.

  • Overheating transformers

  • Nuisance tripping

  • Non-compliance

  • Shorter equipment lifetime

  • Production failure/downtime

  • Exceeding norm limits

These problems are caused by a variety of electrical disturbances that weaken power quality.

Electrical disturbances

How ADF can help

Active Dynamic Filter

How ADF can help

Active Dynamic Filter
ADF – low harmonic solution

Discover the technology

Designed for high performance and reliability

Our patented Active Dynamic Filtering technology offers unparalleled harmonic compensation, resonance mitigation, and much more, and are uniquely equipped to help you overcome the challenges you face. We are proud to say that our products are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications using the proven IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) power switching semiconductors and digital signal processing hardware to secure high performance and accurate control.

For a thorough presentation of ADF technology and its capabilities, explore our Technology pages.


Choose your segment


Choose your segment


Our customers come from a diverse range of segments and are all highly energy intensive, depend on expensive and advanced equipment and tools, and put a high demand on the energy grid. Increasingly, they must also adhere to industry-specific power quality regulations. Choose a segment to learn more:

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About the products

Meet the ADF family

The ADF product range consists of versatile tools to address your unique power quality challenges in a way that is cost efficient. With unbeatable customization options and cutting edge capabilities, the range is specially designed to help you achieve all of your power quality goals:

  • Lower your energy costs

  • Optimize space

  • Reduce hassle

  • Strengthen productivity (avoid downtime)

  • Achieve compliance

Directly after installation, you can experience lower operational cost (through energy savings), improved equipment efficiency, and minimized demand on the energy grid.

For extreme resonances and interharmonics, to a powerful solution for a compact space, each ADF product targets different power levels in commercial and industrial applications in the low and medium voltage segments.

To determine which system is right for you, contact us for an on-site assessment.

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