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Concerned about Grid Codes and your investments?

We understand. Whether planning a new solar, wind, hydro or other power installation, or experiencing power quality issues at an existing one, the challenges are not to be taken lightly.

1. Regulatory compliance
2. Improved power quality
3. Energy efficiency
4. Modular and scalable
1. Regulatory compliance
2. Improved power quality
3. Energy efficiency
4. Modular and scalable
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Protecting your investments

Grid Code Compliance (CGC)

Bringing more renewables into the world’s power generation and distribution networks is causing grids to become vastly more complex, giving rise to issues stemming from a wide range of sources such as

  • Harmonics generated by photovoltaic inverters

  • A lot of capacitance added by EMC filters, stimulating resonances at solar farms

  • Harmonics on the USP side for excitation circuits in various types of power plants

  • Linear loads causing distortion

  • Background distortion entering into the network

  • A need for generating reactive power at wind farms

At Comsys we understand the risks and challenges you face and provide unique technology for managing them before they turn into problems. Our Active Dynamic Filter (ADF) technology not only helps to ensure compliance with specific market regulations and Grid Codes, but also protects your high-risk assets so you can feel more secure about investing in a new wind park or solar farm. In fact, ADF offers Sensorless Control, an innovation that enables our solutions to completely lock out background disturbances and distortion that pose a high risk to your investments when interacting with the grid.

Adding storage into the mix

Dynamic Energy Storage (DES)

The increase in renewables also means a rapidly growing need for efficient and reliable grid-scale energy storage systems. At Comsys we offer modular and scalable battery energy storage solutions ideal for

  • Low and medium voltage networks

  • Combining multiple renewables into hybrid power generation installations

  • Converting conventional power plants into energy storage facilities

  • Peak shaving and Load leveling

  • Capacity firming and Frequency regulation

Learn more about our high-quality Dynamic Energy Storage (DES™)

About the products

Meet the ADF family

The ADF product range consists of versatile tools to address your unique power quality challenges in a way that is cost efficient. With unbeatable customization options and cutting edge capabilities, the range is specially designed to help you achieve all of your power quality goals:

  • Lower your energy costs

  • Optimize space

  • Reduce hassle

  • Strengthen productivity (avoid downtime)

  • Achieve compliance

Do-it-yourself option with System Integration

An easy way to get just what you need

At Comsys we offer not only ready-to-go power quality products and project-specific battery energy storage solutions, but also a unique way to easily customize and integrate selected components into your projects and products. So if you want a DIY alternative for maximizing existing resources, learn about the benefits of our System Integration program.

Want to hear more about how ADF can help your operation? Contact us to book a free consultation.