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Harmonic compensation for the water treatment industry

Water and wastewater treatment involves the use of highly energy intensive processes that must be controlled with precision in order to maintain a safe and sanitary water supply.

1. Improved power quality
2. Save space
3. Achieve redundancy
4. Enable energy savings
1. Improved power quality
2. Save space
3. Achieve redundancy
4. Enable energy savings
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Why ADF?

VSD compensation and other common issues

One of the biggest challenges for the water and wastewater treatment industry is to save energy. Globally, water management accounts for 4% of all electricity consumption (International Energy Agency, 2014). The use of VSDs (variable speed drives) support water treatment plants in drastically reducing energy consumption, but they come with a cost. Although they help control the plant’s demanding processes, their use on fans, pumps, and other drives contribute to harmonics. When left uncompensated, harmonics have proven to cause problems such as overheating transformers, nuisance tripping, reducing equipment lifetime, etc.

Why power quality is crucial for the water treatment industry

What you get

Three advantages for you

About the products

Meet the ADF family

The ADF product range consists of versatile tools to address your unique power quality challenges in a way that is cost efficient. With unbeatable customization options and cutting edge capabilities, the range is specially designed to help you achieve all of your power quality goals:

  • Lower your energy costs

  • Optimize space

  • Reduce hassle

  • Strengthen productivity (avoid downtime)

  • Achieve compliance

To learn more about ADF for your water treatment operation, contact us.