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Active Filter Partner Offering

Comsys works closely together with consultants and selected partners. Being a Comsys partner allows you to profit from the state-of-the-art ADF Active Filter technology.

On this page you can read about:

Partner Offering

Our Partner Offering for Power Conditioning

Comsys ADF Active Filter allows your customers to manage all energy management needs with one unit. Our products and solutions are capable of meeting the unique power quality needs of manufacturing companies, data centers, office buildings, utilities, and more.


The benefits

Benefits of becoming a partner

The benefits

Benefits of becoming a partner
  • Special service agreements

  • Free access to our online resource portal

  • Free sales and marketing material

  • Free participation in our ADF Academy courses

  • An annual invitation to our yearly partner conference

The ADF community

ADF Community

The ADF community

ADF Community

Comsys enters partnerships with selected companies within the fields of power distribution, industry automation and energy management. Our ADF community is established to supply our products and solutions for existing and new customers globally. It is important for Comsys that the customers deal with local known companies with local presence. To become a partner please contact us.

  • Get started

    Pilot study

    The best way to learn new things is "Just do it". Therefore, the first recommended step is to set up a pilot study in cooperation with Comsys and one of your customers. This does not only lead to your first ADF Active Filter installation, it also lays out the whole project process including feasibility study, installation, and commissioning so the next time you are ready to proceed on your own.

    Feasibility Study

    Once you have reached an agreement with one of your customers to conduct a feasibility study at their site, Comsys support you in performing detailed measurements and analysis to assess the electrical behaviour. The analysis unveils the properties and expected performance of the pilot study ADF. During the study, we educate you on how and what to measure and what additional data to be collected to quantify benefits and calculate savings.

    ADF Installation at Customer Site

    Based on the feasibility study, Comsys offers you an appropriate ADF Active Harmonic Filter AHF with the accompanying commissioning. You act as broker and sell the package on to your customer. Eventually, you bundle it with installation to offer a turnkey solution.

    Project Evaluation

    After commissioning, a 3 month evaluation period follows. It highlights both the technical and the economical benefits of ADF Active filter. We also find out which material, training, and support you need to proceed with ADF projects to come.

  • After the pilot project

    Business Process

    After the pilot study, Comsys will supply you with active harmonic filters. The business process follows a similar pattern as the pilot study; measurement, analysis and ADF installation. The difference is that you as partner take on a greater responsibility for marketing and measurement.


    You carry out the measurement, either by employing own personnel or by engaging Comsys' measurement engineers on a consultative basis.

    Data Analysis

    You provide Comsys with the measurement data for analysis. The results, including projected savings and production benefits, are highlighted in a report. The report is followed by an offer to you or directly to your customer on the appropriate ADF.

    ADF Delivery

    Physical deliver of ADF system.

    Technical Support

    Your technical staff has direct access to our service center to get guidance, discuss problems, product improvements, and new applications. We also provide you with all necessary technical documentation such as data sheets, installation manuals, verifiaction protocols, and more.

    Marketing Support

    Comsys supports you with information, sales force education, and sales material to equip your organisation with the tools to successfully market ADF Active Filters. This includes a payback analysis to facilitate demonstration of the economical benefits of choosing ADF to your customers.

  • Payback

    Becoming a Comsys partner is profitable for you. It opens up new business opportunities as you broaden your products and solutions offering. Being a premium product, ADF Active Filter yields you attractive margins.

    Your profit opportunities stem from five distinct areas:

    • Feasibility studies including measurements and network analysis

    • Act as intermediary for ADF Active Filter systems

    • Installation and montage

    • Commissioning

    • Service contracts

  • Benefits

    You stand out in your target markets by carrying the unique ADF Active Filter solutions. It offers you opportunities for increased sales and strengthened customer relationships. Some of the benefits that make Comsys ADF financially attractive to you include:

    • Easy and convenient for you with one solution for all power quality and energy savings projects

    • Good reason to call a meeting with your customers

    • Improves customer relationships as you now can solve serious power quality problems previously unsolvable

    • ADF Active Filter is a unique solution that brings you true a competitive advantage relative to your peers

    • Provides for high utilization of your personnel (measurement, installation, service etc)

  • Applications

    The ADF Active Filter technology is suitable for all low and medium voltage equipment and production processes. It is useful in industries like automotive manufacturing, food manufacturing, packaging, pulp and paper, mining, foundry and more. The selection below displays some examples where ADF Active Filter can make a great difference:

    • Packaging lines

    • Lumber mills

    • Hydraulic presses

    • Hardening equipment

    • Extrusion

    • Wind power

    • Shredders

    • Hospital equipment

    • Furnaces

    • Resistance welding

    • Harbor cranes

    • Solar parks

    • And more...

For consultants


Comsys ADF Active Filter allows your customers to manage all energy management needs with one unit. Our products and solutions are capable of meeting the unique power quality needs of manufacturing companies, data centers, office buildings, utilities, and more. Become a member of our ADF community and benefit from our competence and unique ADF Active Filter.

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