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Complete site compensation

To say that the Sandvik site in Svedala is a diversified production environment is an understatement. At the site, workers build stone crushers, operate an arc furnace, process casted material with C&C (lathe) machines, and build mobile crusher sites, overhead cranes, smoke exhaust fans, and vacuum pumps for the casting mold. The operation is dynamic, with high energy demands. A site like this requires an equally dynamic and capable low harmonic solution.

Complete site compensation at Sandvik

INDUSTRY: Heavy industry, mining 
CUSTOMER: Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology
2005 – ongoing


One of the main challenges was that the Svedala operation began in 1882. It is a complex process to turn a 150+ year old industrial site into a modern operation. Such a shift involves gradually upgrading it with new products –which simultaneously increases demand on power quality.

There was also the added challenge of addressing the power quality needs of the entire site while individually assessing each of the transformers that feed each sub-site.

Sandvik site in Svedala


Without a power quality solution, Sandvik experienced unplanned stops and equipment breakdowns. The control systems for overhead cranes were especially prone to issues and breakdowns, resulting in costly disruptions to production and the need for component replacement.

To help Sandvik get the plant-wide power quality solution they needed, Comsys conducted a series of assessments and was involved in the planning when expansion of the plant was underway. Comsys also educated the Sandvik team about power quality in general and implemented a custom power quality SCADA* system, able to include both ADF technology as well as other solutions.

ADF P100
ADF P100

Products used in this case:

  • There are nine ADF P300’s connected through a step-up transformer at 11kV to compensate and enhance productivity of the electric arc furnace

  • Two ADF P100’s dedicated to C&C machines

  • Five ADF P300’s in different locations for compensating various VFD (variable frequency drive) loads


Sandvik has experienced improved power quality and productivity thanks to the compensation solution, but the real showpiece is the enhanced performance of the arc furnace.

With ADF, the amount of energy needed to melt the steel decreased, the overall melting time was shorted, and Sandvik experienced reduced wear and tear on the furnace, especially the electrodes.

With the increased production Sandvik gained, the payback on the solution was less than a year.

The reduced downtime of the cranes was another important problem that was solved. Calculating the payback on reduced wear and tear on equipment alone, the ROI was less than 2.5 years.

ADF P300
ADF P300

"Since our relationship with Comsys started it has evolved over the years and we see them as a long term strategic partner for power quality. To have a stable, reliable product like the ADF is one important factor, the other is the competence and know-how that exists within Comsys and its extensive partner network."

Customer quote

*a system for remote monitoring and control